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Donavin Seo Connor

Hi, I'm Donavin Seo Connor. Welcome to my online SEO Profile

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I go by name of Donavin Conner. I add the SEO to indicate what I am good at. I work for South Africa's biggest seo company called www.seoland. Seoland is an online marketing agency, providing social media marketing strategies, monitoring and mining (also known as conversation mining); affiliate marketing; word of mouth; social/blog networking; and search engine optimization services. The company’s search marketing services include paid inclusion, paid placement, natural SEO and directory placement, as well as Search 2.0 approach that embrace the social media revolution. This SEO Company provides strategic, customized approaches, designed to meet the needs of web retailer’s organization and industry. Seoland helps its clients achieve optimum visibility, traffic and return on investment through its customized strategies and keyword planning process. Search engine marketing agency Seoland is one of the first developers of proprietary pay-per-click bid management technology. Seoland, the company’s proprietary technology that manage bids, ad creative, landing pages, testing and tracking for search campaigns in real time, artificial intelligence based, fully scalable search technology. The product focuses specifically on search optimization within Yahoo, Google and Bing. The company also is active in contextual and search re-targeting. Seoland, the company’s research and development division conducts studies on topics such as online consumer behavior, search behavior, human-computers interactions within search contexts and marketing research. Seoland Blog-ware specializes in search engine optimization through corporate blogging for its web retailing clients. A web-based blogging platform, Seoland Blogware offers enterprise-level editorial control, any easy-to-use interface and scalability. Since blogs emphasize many of the factors that search engines take into consideration when determining how to rank a web page, they can help web retailers achieve high rankings on a broad range of targeted keywords. Organizations often will see higher conversion with their blogs than with their web site, the company says, and blogs offer a way to experiment with targeting a wide variety of search terms to determine what makes the biggest impact. This information is brought to you buy Donavin Seo Connor.

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Search Engine optimization, SEO, internet marketing, SEM marketing, online tracking, paid search management, conversion path optimization, SEM, ecommerce, web development, email broadcast software

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